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People of PressPage: Dide Nijhoff

Our witty Team Lead Customer Success with lots of humor and big dreams

Our Customer Success team is a vital part of our success. The most outgoing member of the CSM team is the funny and kind Dide. She interacts with clients and colleagues in a seemingly effortless way. She is known for her humorous and witty remarks, and she has a love for building things. There is more to this sassy lady than meets the eye!

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

Customer Success is responsible for maintaining the relationships with clients, helping clients with questions or difficulties and advising them on how to use their newsrooms. We act as all round consultants thinking along with clients to make sure they are using the full potential of our platform. We take care of the onboarding process of new clients, help clients to optimize their newsrooms and help stimulate them to use all the features that we offer. We also let our clients know regularly about platform updates and how that might improve their newsrooms or workflows. Since we are a startup, we are continuously trying to optimize the communication with our clients and our internal workflows. We are also working on providing valuable information about our service, platform and PR as a whole to make it easy for PR professionals to update their workflows and improve the results of their PR efforts.

I did a Bachelor's in Pedagogical Science at the University of Groningen, a Minor in Entrepreneurship and a Master's in Educational Science. I specialized in lifelong learning for businesses. During my Master’s, I studied in Colombia for five months. I wanted to add some more excitement to my studies, so I opted to go to a foreign country where quite some things still need to be figured out. Studying in Colombia is way different to studying in the Netherlands. We were the first foreign students at the Unisangi – it was quite an adventure.

In my role as Team Lead Customer Success it is important to be able to get along with all kinds of people, and to truly understand them. We are talking to our customers daily and are trying to think of ways to help them move forward. It’s important to be able to communicate well, to handle a lot of different tasks and to switch tasks easily.

Three things you didn’t know about Dide

During the last years of my study in Groningen, I worked at a bar that served craft beers, or speciality beers as we call it in the Netherlands. I hosted beer tastings and pub quizzes, it was right up my alley. I enjoyed working there. I love the food service industry. It would be amazing if I could go out regularly to discover new bars and restaurants. I love good food, nice drinks and enjoying life.

I also love skiing– I started skiing when I was six. The best thing ever is to go skiing with my family. One day, I would love to go helicopter skiing with my brother. I think that will be amazing too.

During my studies and a little while after I finished university, I lived on a houseboat in Groningen. I lived there for seven years, and I would love to live on a houseboat in Amsterdam too. I used to have a little boat called ‘Het Mazzeltje’ (bit of luck) to go sailing with in Groningen and its surroundings. It was amazing to live on the water and I really enjoyed living in a houseboat.

The secret dream of Dide

My secret dream is to have my own company, perhaps in the foodservice industry or something I can create with my hands. A workshop in which you can build things together would be amazing. Creating something that makes people happy with the product or service I provide is important. I love organizing and project planning so I would incorporate that into a business of my own. Right now I think of new business ideas every week. Perhaps I will start my own brewery with my brother, who knows!

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