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People of PressPage: Tibor Hercz

A developer with a sales background, who knows how to focus on the important details

Our newsroom developer Tibor started in IT, but almost took an early exit. However his love for computers and websites, led him to following online coding courses and learning to develop himself. Learn more about this energetic and detail oriented guy, with sales skills as well.

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

At PressPage I work as a developer, so during the onboarding process of our customers, I will help in development of the newsroom completely in the look-and-feel of the customer’s website. We start by looking at what the customer’s website looks like, the colours they are using, and also the fonts. All these elements will be made identical, so that a visitor of the newsroom won’t notice that they are in a different environment. I can recall a project that really took a lot of time due to the fact the layout of their website was in a way that was not instantly supported by our platform, but if I look back at the result it is really spot on and I am really proud about what I created for this customer.

The first job that I had almost led me to move to a complete different industry, but eventually I came back. I started in a remote support role, helping people with simple IT problems such as printer and connection issues. I really didn’t feel challenged here, so I switched to something totally different. I wanted to work in sales so after a year as a team manager at a large supermarket, I started as a Sales Advisor at Suitsupply. To make sure I really made a difference there, I dove into all specific details of the suits we sold: the types of fabrics, what makes one more durable than the other, different suits etc. I challenged myself to scan the people who came in and made an accurate guess of the size they needed. All the spare time I had, I spend in learning code, taking courses online etc. And at one point I thought why not make a job out of my hobby, so I start to apply for a Front-end Developer role.

I approach my work as a puzzle, and everyday there is a different puzzle to be solved. We know what the goal is, but to get there we need to overcome some challenges. So for example a customer is using a specific type of JavaScript code. To make the performance of the newsroom optimal, we first completely strip the code and remove all the lines that are not necessary. It sort of feels like we break stuff first, before we get to the best result. But it is really cool to see how we started with a page with a white background and some text and end up with a fully branded newsroom.

Three things you didn’t know about Tibor

I am really passionate about Virtual Reality. It struck my eye a while back already. I really think it is cutting edge technology. When I was challenged to start developing content for Virtual Reality, I instantly took the challenge because I really believe it can make big differences in many industries. For example if you think of using it to educate surgeons or firefighters, it can simulate real life situations for training or education purposes. Although some people still see it as a gimmick and just for gaming, there are many other way to use it and I think it will be used more and more for business purposes over the coming years.

With everything I do, I am really competitive. Looking back at my sales job, I would always try to be the one who sold the most suits that day. It is also something that can be brought back in how I used to focus on fitness. I challenge myself by making the exercises more difficult and more heavy. No pain, no gain. Being in the gym with friends would always end up in a very competitive mode, trying to lift more weight and do more repetitions than the others. You can even see this competitiveness in the ping-pong matches I have with my colleagues.

The ‘why’ is important in almost everything I do. When looking at a specific newsroom or website, I always want to know why they choose a specific color for a button or why they used a specific font-size. When these questions occur, I really need to find an answer for this. This also relates back to other things in life, good food and cooking are also two things I find important. Something I would look up details about what is in a banana for example, and how these substances affect your body. I already had this curiosity when I was younger, I would constantly ask my parents why specific things were like the way they are.

The secret dream of Tibor

I would love to participate in a rally championship, I really have a love for cars. Back in Hungary, where my family comes from, a friend of our family is a rally driver. He has joined many championships and got me acquainted with this sport. I even have driven a test round with him once.

The beauty of rally championships is that it is also a puzzle. For drivers on a circuit the track is clear and the same every round, whereas with rallies the surface changes with every round somebody drives over it. These two types of races are so completely different– with rallies you will first do an exploratory round together with a navigator who will note down all the types of curbs you will have in the race. On a circuit it is just the driver, doing the same lap over and over again.


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