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People of PressPage Robin Kleine

A true world traveller with a talent for adventure

Our Customer Success Manager Robin is a cheerful lady that loves helping and guiding clients every day. She is a true world traveller and she has had some interesting adventures. Her laid back attitude has proven to attract some amazing opportunities.

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

As one of the Customer Success Managers, I help clients during the onboarding process of implementing a new newsroom and guide them in using our platform to its full potential. We are more than a help desk, we consult and advise clients too. We are also the ones trying to think ahead and proactively inform and advise our clients on subjects that may affect them. We are at the heart of the company; we assist our clients, we are the link between clients and development, and we communicate any questions of clients on contracts and upsells to sales. We really are the middle man. Next to our CSM tasks, we have some other responsibilities that support the growth of the team and implementing protocols. This is to prepare for new colleagues and bigger teams – it is challenging but very satisfying.

At the University of Connecticut I did a Bachelor of Communication Science and at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam I did a Bachelor of Cultural Studies and Visual Arts. This is my first job after I graduated. I did work in retail as a student, so I have some experience in working with clients.

In this job it is important to have great social skills. Every client is different, and one may require more time and patience, while another may need a more strict way of handling things. Having a commercial mindset is also very helpful. I’m an advisor and counsellor to our clients, but you shouldn’t be scared to think commercially also and propose an upsell when this may be very beneficial for a client. Because PressPage is a start-up, having a self-starting attitude is important. There are lots of things you can pick up by yourself, and it is expected that you do so.

Three things you didn’t know about Robin

My grandfather is Chinese. When he was 15 or 16 years old, he got on a boat to the Netherlands to study. He met my grandmother and they started dating. His family lived in Indonesia and their business was not doing well, so he had to go back there. My grandparents got married, and my grandfather went to Indonesia and my grandmother followed him after a while. She got on a boat, sailed for six weeks to go live in Indonesia where she had never been before. Later they moved back to the Netherlands. After my parents met in Amsterdam, my father got the chance to work in Hong Kong. My mum, much like her mother, followed my father to go live in Hong Kong. My middle brother and I were born in Hong Kong, my youngest brother was born in Indonesia. We moved back to the Netherlands when I was 5 or 6. So I am 25% Chinese and was born in Hong Kong,. You can say we have quite the family history.

When I was 18, I went to the US to study and to play college level hockey at the University of Connecticut. A few members of my hockey team in the Netherlands were inquiring about going to the US to study and play hockey. They did research and visited universities there. By coincidence I met with a coach in Amsterdam that was recruiting new students for a US university, and he introduced me to the right people in Connecticut. About six weeks before the pre-season started, the decision was made that I would go. Six weeks later I boarded a plane to go to the US for the first time. For all four years that I played for the team, we went to the nationals. We had a demanding schedule, studying full-time and going to practice six times a week, as well as two or three matches. It was a great time that I enjoyed immensely.

After I graduated from university in Amsterdam, my boyfriend Jasper and I went on a world tour for five months. We had a great experience and saw amazing places during our trip. I learned that time and planning are very relative concepts. In the Netherlands we value time and planning greatly, but it’s not that important. The freedom of improvising what you are going to do that day when you wake up was amazing. We really appreciated the small things– we skipped seeing some iconic tourist destinations multiple times because we value simply relaxing and enjoying the moment way more. This turned out to be very typical for the way we like to travel together.

The secret dream of Robin

I would love to do another world tour with Jasper. We have seen some amazing places, but obviously there is way more to see in the world. If we could travel for more than five months, that would be amazing. But in a month you can do a great trip also. The ultimate dream would be traveling the world with an RV – that is true freedom.


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