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People of PressPage: Niru Gupta

Customer Success Manager with a love for communication and politics

Our Customer Success Managers are at the heart of our success. With a love for communication and politics, Niru proves to be a secret weapon for our CSM team. Traveling all over the world has led him to the place where he always thought he would end up.

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

The official title of my role is Communications Specialist slash Customer Success manager. So my role is divided in half, with one part working with clients and one part communications. The customer success part involves onboarding them when they have signed on and help clients out who call us with a problem or question. This is quite reactive, there is also a proactive part when we are reaching out to clients to see how they are using the platform and offering practical advice which is more like a consultant. A smaller part of my role is the communications part. I have a background in communications and journalism, so I write some articles and do copy editing.

In Australia I studied at the University of Sydney, I did a Bachelor Media & Communications with majors in Political Science and History. I really wanted to go into politics so when I was out of college I started working in communications in the foreign policy area. I studied at the University of Washington in 2013 as part of an exchange program and in 2014 I moved to London and worked in communications for a non for profit organization. They had limited resources for communications, which is a similar situation to what some of my clients are in. I can relate to their positions quite easily due to my experience in the communications field.

I think a big part of my job is really understanding what the workflows of our clients are, to understand their needs and what they do on a daily basis. This is important so we can be of use to them the best way possible. Becoming a regular user of the platform has helped me to understand our clients even more. Next to that it is very important to understand where the field of PR is going. It is definitely a big part of communication and CSM, by adapting to changes in the field we can be consultant who guide clients even more.

Three things you didn’t know about Niru

In the last four years I have lived in five cities: Sydney, London, Seattle, Washington DC and Chicago. I studied at the University of Washington in 2013 as part of an exchange program. I loved being in the US and always thought that my career would be built here. Part of why I decided to move was my girlfriend, she is from here. Suddenly I had a direct link to the US. One of my heroes is Elon Musk, in one of his books he talked about moving to the US and I thought I would just follow in his footsteps. I just convinced myself it was going to be okay. Work was also a big motivation because I wanted to work for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Because of some issues being an immigrant in the US and working for a political campaign, I didn’t get the job and moved to Chicago instead. That is where I met Bart and Seb.

I love reading a lot. I have a special interest in Artificial Intelligence, I’m really fascinated by it. One of my favourite movies is The Matrix, watching it was the first time I was exposed to the topic. I love the sci-fi aspect of it. In 2015 I started reading more about it and realised it wasn’t as sci-fi crazy as the movies make out. It is something that is happening right now and that really fascinated me. Most books I read are about politics, though. I love reading biographies of famous political figures.

The past few years I learned that I’m very good at adapting to new situations. When I moved to London I had no job and no friends. I packed my suitcase and just went. It was to have this risky move and figure it out while it went. I’m a huge football fan, so I figured I would get to make some friends through that perhaps. Normally I’m scared to take risks like that. Adventure called me, I really love Europe so I wanted to travel around. I worked five days a week and traveled to different cities in the weekend. I would search for cheap tickets so I ended up in places where not too many people would go to. I visited the lovely city of Bergen in Norway for example, it was amazing.

The secret dream of Niru

I’m scared of heights so before I die I want to skydive. I’m too scared right now, but someday I will go. I almost tried to go three times but I chickened out, but I need to do it. That really is a bucket list item I need to tick off someday.


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