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People of PressPage João Barradas

Our music loving and easygoing frontend developer

Our frontend developer João took a little detour before landing a job in IT. His love for web and technology, and his determination to learn coding sent him on a new path in life. This adventure has brought him some amazing experiences and opportunities, and a deep life lesson.

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

I work as a front-end developer. Divyansh and I take care of the interface, the look and feel of the application and turn ideas into visual elements and functionalities that enable the users to interact with the application. We implement new features regularly to keep the platform up to date and provide more possibilities to our users.

We are part of a SCRUM team along with the back-end developers. One of the rituals we have is a daily stand up meeting where we share what we achieved the day before and what we plan to do on today. This way we are more involved in the work of our teammates and we can help each other whenever we come across an obstacle. At the end of every sprint, we have a demo to show what we have developed in the past two weeks. This way the whole company knows what is new in our platform.

At the University of Madeira, I studied Business Management. I always liked IT, but somehow I did not pursue it. I finished my Bachelor, but learned that Business Management wasn’t for me. When I moved to the Netherlands, I was thinking about pursuing a different career path. Since I had a good eye for IT and some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, I decided to pursue IT after all. I enrolled in a course for Web Design and Development at SAE Institute Amsterdam. Following that I did some freelance jobs and found a job at an ecommerce agency, and went from there.

To be able to do my job, you should have an eye for design and a talent for logical thinking. You should also have love for the web and technology and enthusiasm to keep on learning. You may need quite a lot of time to get to a certain level, but with every step you take, there is a reward and new tools are added to your toolbox. I did this when I switched to IT. If you are determined, just keep on learning. Nowadays you can easily enroll into an ecourse, build some nice projects to prove your skills and apply for a entry level job. It is that straightforward, but you do need to be determined. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to enjoy the journey.

Three things you didn’t know about João

One of my hobbies is technology. In my free time I like to code and try new technologies to keep up with what is going on in the web. My love for technology has not faded, it may even have become stronger over time.

I love electronic music festivals and Amsterdam is great for that. This party vibe was a big factor when I decided to move to a new country. Many festivals that I dreamed about visiting are held in the city I live in now. I used to organize small parties at the beach with my group of friends. We would set up some speakers and some DJ gear and play music until the sunset. My love for electronic music started a long time ago. I like to mix music and make beats on my computer, this is something I would like to dedicate more time to.

Next to music and technology, I have a lot of other hobbies. I like skateboarding, climbing, and whenever I go back to my home island, I always try to save some time for diving and to catch some waves. I have fond memories of the good times spent surfing all day with my friends.

The secret dream of João

Becoming a developer was one of my biggest dreams. It seemed impossible for someone who studied something completely different, to change his career at the age of 30. But my dream came true. When I was about 16, I had a dream of becoming a DJ, to make music and travel the world to play at music festivals, But my dreams are not so specific anymore. It is more of a mindset and a lifestyle that I aspire now. A free lifestyle on a sunny place close to the sea. Where I can be close to my family and friends, and enjoy the things I love doing. Simply enjoy the small but really important things in life.


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