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People of PressPage: Heather Boehringer

A competitive 8-ball player with a love for knitting, who knows how to help our customers

Our charismatic US Customer Success Manager easily beats all her colleagues in 8-ball, but also helps our customers to get the most out of the platform. With experience in the field of customer success, she knows how to get clients to the next level. Meet this Chicago-girl who eventually wants to leave the city, when hitting retirement.

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

My role at PressPage is Customer Success Manager, which means that I act as the customer advocate and liaison between our Sales team and Development team. So making sure that the client understands the platform, that everything works and that they know how to use their own newsroom. I am responsible for training them, making them comfortable with me and the team so that they feel free to ask me questions in the onboarding process and once they have gone live, they can comfortably put in a ticket.

Before working at PressPage I worked in a sort of similar job, however at a shared office space. I was in charge of the same things as in my role right now, making sure the clients that were brought in the space got all their memberships set up and felt comfortable using the space. Next to that I managed a small staff of two part timers who helped me with the front desk. Although I studied Psychology out of high-school, last year I went back to school to get my associates degree in IT Administration. In my previous job I already learned a lot about basic IT stuff, because I was the only one in the Chicago office and therefore if there was a problem with an access point or the internet for example, it was on me to figure out how to solve it. That combined with just helping people with their computers and my big interest in how computers work in general led to me to decide to go back to school.

One of my favorite parts of the work I do at PressPage, is the onboarding process and the launch of our customers newsrooms. It feels like you are partnering with the client to put together something super special, that can really help them in their work. The whole process from talking to the customer about the data that needs to be migrated and changes that need to be made style-wise, to finally sending it live into the world, makes this part really exciting for me.

Three things you didn’t know about Heather

Outside of work I play competitive pool, 8-ball. I play in a team once a week, for four sessions per year against other teams in the city. A couple of years ago we actually won the Chicago City Wide tournament and got sent to Las Vegas. We were placed 128 out of over 500 teams, which was really cool for our first year in Vegas. For me 8-ball is a fun way to be competitive and play in a team, so that everybody has their share in winning. Also it is a great way to meet new people and build a team.

Next to studying part-time and playing 8-ball, I really love to knit in my spare time. So I go from a Pool Playing Bar Fly to the Granny with her cat on her lap knitting. Funny thing though is that it is a skill that I picked up myself, using YouTube Tutorials. Right now it is one of my favorite things to do, because it gets you away from your screen and just do something with your hands. Actually it is sort of like my form of meditation.

A lot of people say that they want to go to Las Vegas and get married there. Well, my husband and I actually did that. We got married by Elvis in 2016. We had a full chapel wedding with a bunch of friends of ours and a singing Elvis. One of our finest memories, it was so much fun in old downtown Las Vegas.

The secret dream of Heather

With having lived in Chicago longer than in my hometown, and not being able to imagine living anywhere else, I would eventually want to live somewhere remote. When I hit retirement, I really want to live on a remote ranch and raise farm animals somewhere in the middle of the mountains. Just to be away from everywhere and leaving the business of the city. Now that I am getting ‘older’, I am becoming more of a homebody and not going out that much anymore. I think it would be great to just wake up when the sun rises and feed your chickens, enjoy the simple life. Perhaps this is something that not everyone will expect of me, especially my mom, because she sees me as the real city girl.


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