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People of PressPage: Eveline van Duin

An Office Manager with a structured work approach and a love for traveling

Managing the office is something we can easily ask our Office Manager Eveline to do. This energetic and structured lady knows the drill and helps with several tasks in the organization. After having lived in Mozambique the first years of her life, living abroad is now in her blood. Learn more about Eveline and her love for traveling.

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

My role at PressPage is the Office Manager, which means I manage the office. You can see me as the facility manager here. In this case, managing the office means taking care of a lot of things so that my colleagues can do their jobs optimally. It entails making sure nobody’s birthday is forgotten, that the office looks clean, arranging lunch and organising team events, but also taking care of software and hardware that is being used here. Another part of my role consists of administration, both financial and general. Regarding the financial administration, I help our Finance Manager with credit and debtor management. Besides general administration, I also do admin tasks in HR, for example salaries, and on and off boarding of employees.

I started my career at the European Maritime Certification Institute (EMCI), which was quite a different organisation than PressPage. Although the job was titled ‘Secretary’, it was really broad and included lot of organisational aspects. I helped organize different events from catering to everything else on the event day itself . When I noticed that I wanted to do something else and learn more, I decided to do a kind of dual education program which allowed me to study for one day and work the other four days. The combination led me to start in the construction industry, which was really interesting. Since it was quite a small organisation, the work that I did was again really broad. Via another job within a smaller company, I started at PressPage last year.

Due to the diversity of this role, it is very important to be well organized. For me the diversity is the aspect I really like– the combination of ad hoc stuff that needs to be done and longer term projects in which I can have an effect on the efficiency of the organization, makes this work exciting. I am really solution oriented, so if I find a step in a process that we can improve on, I will make sure that we won’t run into this again.

Three things you didn’t know about Eveline

Traveling and living abroad is something that is in the blood of my family. The first two years of my life I have lived in Mozambique, due to my father's job. He works as a project director for large infrastructure programs. They have lived in Iraq, Korea, Mozambique, and several other countries . When I was around 18 years old, I was already working for 2 years or so. Around that time, my mom went to Ecuador for 6 months, which inspired me because at that time I did not know what I wanted regarding work. So I decided to work and live abroad in Spain. I wanted to experience living abroad and wanted to learn something, in this case, the language.

In my spare time I really like going to the gym and working out. Normally people do a combination of cardio and weightlifting, but I really got bored with cardio. For me it lacked diversity, while weightlifting does have that. I focus really on all elements: arms, legs, core stability, etc. When I was younger I did do some teamsports, but right now I love the flexibility of going to the gym whenever I want.

What apparently a lot of my colleagues don’t know, is that I have curled hair. Not such a big thing, but it did lead to interesting conversations during lunch. Since I always come to the office with my hair straightened, nobody would have known this without me saying it [laughs].

The secret dream of Eveline

That I could just pack my bags and leave to live abroad tomorrow. This is definitely something that is on my list. After I lived in Spain for 6 months, I realized that the environment appealed to me and that I could just live anywhere. Within our family, I am not the only one with this desire– one of my sisters lives in China and another one in Belgium. Since my parents have lived almost everywhere and start doing that again recently, it cannot be a surprise that their kids have the same mentality regarding traveling.


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