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People of PressPage: Divyansh Kumar

Front-end developer with big life goals

Our development team is the core of our business, since they are responsible for the product we provide to our clients. One of our front-end developers is Divyansh, a true coding hero with big goals in life. We would love to know more about this friendly young man!

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

I am a front-end developer. My role includes taking care of the manager on the front-end, creating new features and making sure the platform looks good and is usable. I have built newsrooms in the past, that was also fun but now I focus only on front-end development.

My education fits my position nicely, I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Applications. I did my studies in New Delhi, after that I did some freelance work before I moved to Amsterdam. In the Netherlands I have worked for a creative-technical agency specializing in social media before I started at PressPage. I have about 3 to 4 years of professional experience in programming by now.

My job is more than just coding. It’s a dynamic field and you need to learn a lot to keep up. Working on internal processes that will help the team is one of the things I like doing, being involved in designing the architecture of applications before we start any coding is a task that I like also. I would like to improve my management skills, so I’m working on that right now.

Three things you didn’t know about Divyansh

I love travelling and whenever I can, I travel to explore new places. I like relaxed places near the sea or near mountains. Hiking and seeing the more natural side of the world is what I look for during my travels. I am going to Portugal soon, I have never been there before so I’m very excited to explore a new country.

I have been to quite a few places, but if I would have to choose just one place to return to, it would be Croatia. The blue waters, nice beaches and the quietness really stand out to me. I recently travelled to Dubrovnik, they serve some amazing seafood there!

Next to travelling, I love food. I’m a huge foodie! Trying out different types of food is a great hobby of mine, I like Japanese and Thai food a lot. And I love the Indian cuisine obviously. I’m not really a good cook. At home I cook with my partner, but I’m usually just the helping hand.

The secret dream of Divyansh

A secret dream is to do all kinds of adventurous things. I would love to be really rich to have lots of luxuries in life. Because when you have a lot of money, you can do anything. Buy a sports car, a good house. If I would win a lot of money, I would buy a nice car, a nice house, go traveling, invest, save some money. I might even start a company, even though I haven’t really thought about that before.

I would love to be able to travel to the South Pole, the North Pole, maybe even Greenland. It’s completely natural and isolated. I like rough natural places, when I travel I don’t like to explore cities too much. I’d rather go to more natural places instead.

About PressPage

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