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People of PressPage: Barry Mc Carthy

A sporty Irish ‘lad’ with a passion for working in an international environment

Our Sales team is becoming more and more international, and our new Irish colleague Barry is no difference. Having lived in Ireland, studied in France and done volunteer work in Malawi, it is interesting to see how this sporty ‘lad’ ended up in Amsterdam. Meet the newest member of our SDR team and find out more about the interesting jobs he had in the past.

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

I joined the PressPage team in the beginning of November as a Sales Development Representative. My role is to drum up business for the Account Executives, make sure their agenda is full with demos. I try to do that by sending out emails, ringing perspective leads, and creating and sending videos. All these activities help me in getting the attention of the prospective client. Whenever we call these people, we first analyze their newsroom to see how PressPage can be of added value to them.

Looking back at my resume there are some different types of jobs on there. However, after I finished High School, I already knew that I wanted to work in Sales in an International environment. I studied International Business in which I learned more about Marketing and Economics, but it also gave me the opportunity to study abroad. I studied in France for 9 months, which was really good. Not only for learning the language, but also for learning how to look after myself. I liked it there so much that I stayed for a couple of extra months in the summer to work in an Irish Pub.

One of the things I really like in my job here is that I can communicate something positive to the people we ring on a daily basis. In my previous job at an Insurance company, I was giving people mostly bad news, which was tough. This experience has helped me acknowledge that good communication skills are essential. It doesn’t matter what type of role you have, if you can speak to someone on their level, they can relate to you and that puts them at ease.

Three things you didn’t know about Barry

Sport is something that is really important to me. I love it and it helps me to switch off and pretend as if you are in a different world. When I was younger I used to play soccer quite intensively, however due to a knee injury I needed to stop at one point. After recovery and strengthening I started playing again in Dublin and now in Amsterdam. Alongside soccer, I also play golf, tennis, and used to play rugby. I think sport is good for your mental health, but for me the competitive part and unpredictability makes it the most interesting.

After my final year in high school, I went to Malawi with friends to do charity work. The love for travelling started there I think. We worked on a project to build an irrigation system, so that the area wouldn’t flood in the monsoon season. It was fantastic to see what we (the whole team of volunteers) could do for the people there in such a short period. I would love to go back and see where they are standing now and how everything looks.

Working in sales does not sound strange, however, I have had some interesting jobs in the past. Because I loved France so much, I stayed there for a little bit longer to work in a bar. But I guess the strangest job I had was when I worked at an events company in Dublin. Although my title was ‘Event Assistant’, the role itself could involve anything and everything. One day I was asked to be the Balloon Man– you know somebody who will be at a party and will create beautiful things out of balloons. I did a quick crash course on YouTube the night before my first event - a family fun day for a thousand kids - but my skills were quite limited. Overnight I learnt how to create a dog, a giraffe (a dog with a long neck) and a pirate sword. I still have the balloon pump, so every now and then during Christmas for example, my youngest cousin asks me to make him something.

The secret dream of Barry

I’ve always been a big fan of travelling and hope to visit as many places as possible in my life. What people might not know about me is that I also am a big fan of Mexican food. My dream would be to travel through South America, trying all the different types of tacos and other local specialties and maybe discover some hidden delicacy that nobody knows about yet. Then I could maybe open my own restaurant and serve authentic South American food there.


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