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People of PressPage: Michael Versluis

Our competitive and kind Sales Manager with a talent for sports

A smooth talker with a kind heart and a love for sports, that is our Michael. He is one of the driving forces in our Sales team. A cheerful guy with big dreams that likes to celebrate the big and little successes. Even though he is quite outgoing, there are a few things we didn’t know about him yet!

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

My role is Sales Manager for German speaking countries in Europe. My goals are to bring in clients and to set up new partnerships, next to that I focus on our Predictable Revenue project. In my previous job I worked with Predictable Revenue, I continued working with that at PressPage. I make sure the methods of Predictable Revenue are being used properly and the numbers we need will come out of this project.

Sales used to be focused on calling new potential clients, but we have a different approach here. We try to have potential clients qualify us before we start a conversation with them. We need to understand what a client is dealing with and what their internal processes look like to be able to help. We’re no longer focused on selling a product or service, we are a consulting sparring partner that try to help people to do their jobs more effectively. We challenge our potential clients to really think about the need behind the need and try to find a solution for their challenges and questions. We share our knowledge with potential clients and we have a valuable conversation with them, instead of trying to sell something to them. This is what we do with Predictable Revenue, we share our knowledge with potential clients until they ask us “we would like to know what you do”. If it’s a fit, that’s great. If not, that’s fine also. It’s a very open, honest and sincere way of interacting with people. And that is what makes my job great.

When I was younger, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. A friend of mine invited me to go to Switzerland and I ended up staying for almost three years. I got a job there and needed to learn the language, so enrolled in university. I studied German and French at L’Ecole Benedict, which is part of the University of Neuchâtel. When I got back to the Netherlands, about 13 years ago, I landed my first job in international sales as an account manager. I like the international aspect, I love working with people from different cultures that have different values and views on life.

Three things you didn’t know about Michael

What people might not know, is that I really love children and animals. My girlfriend and I would love to live on a farm. My mom grew up in a family with 11 children in a small town near Zwolle, called Heino, in the Netherlands. Most of her siblings have three or four children, so I have a large family on that side. Perhaps my love for children and animals comes from growing up in a large family like that.

Another nice fact about me is that I am one quarter Indonesian, my grandmother came from Java. I love Indonesian food, but it is quite difficult and time consuming to make. I can make a great Indonesian satay dish that my grandmother taught me. I love Asian food in general, when I was in Thailand I loved being able to eat great rice dishes and stir fried beef all the time.

I think football is the best. I live for that sport. I used to play on a reasonably high level, when I lived in Switzerland I played for FC La Chaux-de-Fonds. I had a great time there, studying and playing football or go skiing. We played in the national competition, unfortunately I had to stop playing due to an injury.

The secret dream of Michael

A dream would be to visit all the countries in the world, and make a documentary about that trip. I have traveled to every country in Europe for the past ten years for work. It was great, but I would love to see more outside of Europe also. I love to experience different cultures and be part of it for just a little bit. High on my list is to visit the Philipinian island of Palawan. It is supposed to be the most beautiful island in the world with beautiful clear waters, great flora and amazing fauna. I love going diving and snorkeling, the beautiful nature of Palawan really appeals to me.

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