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People of PressPage: Loes Hofstee

A Customer Success Manager with a love for traveling and gaining memorable experiences

Our Customer Success Manager Loes is a driven person that enjoys helping customers to use the full potential of their newsroom. Having seen almost all continents of the world, we can say that traveling is in her blood. Meet the newest member of our Customer Success Team.

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

I am a part of the Customer Success Team, together with Dide & Robin in Amsterdam and Heather & Niru in Chicago. Within my role, I help our customers to get to know our platform, set up their newsroom, and make sure they can get the best out of the platform. This means that we are advising our customers about their newsroom and how they can improve the usage by pointing out specific functionalities. As a Customer Success Team, we also have an important role to inform our customers about new features that have been developed.

After studying at a bilingual High School, I noticed that I loved organising things and really wanted to start rolling up my sleeves. So I started with a bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Event Management, which I finished with an internship in Brazil where I organised an International Film Festival. Although I enjoyed working on the operational things, I wanted to gain more in depth knowledge and challenge myself, so I started a Masters degree in Culture, Organization and Management. As I was finishing this master, at the same time my brother started his own company (The Friendly Host). I had the opportunity to help him build his company from scratch. So I helped with literally everything: account management, operational stuff, and projects such as creating a new website and an app. Especially the creation of the App was a big step, which I was so proud of. It also got me rethinking my next steps, because I noticed that I really like the technology aspect of the job. Eventually this led me to applying for a job at PressPage.

The thing I really like about my job is that you help a customer from A to Z. Luckily the customers are normally already enthusiastic to start with the project due to the help of our Sales Team, but then it is my task to keep them enthusiastic and eager to really use the platform. We always try to make the onboarding as smooth as we can, so that every customer will have a well working and beautifully looking newsroom as soon as possible. I think we have an important role to make sure our customers won’t see the project as a difficult one, but something that is manageable and will lead to a fantastic result for them.

Three things you didn’t know about Loes

I have a big passion for snowboarding, and it is something that I have been doing since I was young. But within our family I am definitely not the only one, my brother and father are also fanatic snowboarders. Some years ago, we went to Canada to enjoy the snow and we noticed that there was an option to go Heli Boarding: Snowboarding which involves being dropped at remote areas with slopes of virgin powder snow by a helicopter. Everyone really wanted to do it, and we decided to set aside money to do this in the future. Then sometime last year we thought, let’s schedule it in since my father wanted to join as well and now we can still do it. It was a fantastic trip, and felt special to do this together with both my brother and my father. A big thing that I can tick off my bucket list.

Traveling and seeing the world is something that is in my blood. The starting point was my internship in Brazil, but that has sort of fueled the travel fire in my heart which led to travelling in South America for a longer period. I just go to acknowledge that except from Oceania and Antarctica, I have visited all continents in the world. Although I have been living in Amsterdam for a while now and I'm very much enjoying the city live, I do love going out in the nature. My holidays are always quite active, from Heli boarding in Canada to hiking and sea kayaking in Norway. You won’t see me lying on the beach the whole week, because the active holidays give me the most energy.

Working hard to make sure that you have enough money to cover for your expenses is of course important. But I must say that I value experiences a lot more than just materialistic stuff. I am the type of person who can have the same interior design for more than 10 years, perhaps just change one small pillow on the couch. I would rather spend my money on beautiful experiences, which does not always need to be as big as the Heli Boarding trip. It can also be something like going out for dinner with my boyfriend or do something fun with friends. These experiences are for me way more valuable than having a new interior every couple of years.

The secret dream of Loes

Well, this is one which I do find a bit difficult to answer right now. I just came back from a dream heli board trip. I am really happy with where I am right now, but that does not mean that there are no nice locations on my list to visit.  Oceania is the one of the two continents that I did not visit yet, I would love to go to Australia and New-Zealand. But also something that is on my list is to go snowboarding in Japan.


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