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People of PressPage: Johana Cossio

Newsroom consultant with a taste for traveling

We wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for our Newsroom Consultants. They are the main point of contact with new clients and have in-depth knowledge of our service and platform. One of our consulting superstars is Johana, a fierce and friendly lady with a love for adrenaline spiking activities.

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

I am a newsroom consultant, my responsibilities include getting in contact with PR professionals in different industries to check their newsrooms and see how they can update and improve it. We reach out to introduce them to PressPage and inform them on new developments in the PR industry, the latest on using newsrooms effectively and how to reach a wider audience. It was easy for me to understand the service we provide since I have been working as an account executive in SaaS companies before, but I wasn’t very experienced in PR. There are a lot of topics that are relevant to PR, but I think it’s very interesting to learn so it wasn’t too difficult for me to learn about the PR industry.

I did a Bachelor in Finance and International Relations in Colombia, and a Master in Latin American studies with a focus on migration processes in the Netherlands. My Bachelor gave me the structure to learn about businesses and corporates, while my Master gave me the sensibility to get engaged with people on a human level. On the job we are constantly learning and developing ourselves. We give each other a lot of feedback on calls and emails, and we do a lot of role playing. Our knowledge needs to be updated all the time. Right now we focus on predictable revenue and using certain tools to their best advantage. Developing communication and writing skills is obviously very important too. We keep on learning to improve ourselves.

Three things you didn’t know about Johana

I like sports that give an adrenaline kick. I have a lot of energy so I need a way to release that. For the past years I have been getting into climbing, I go climbing every week. Later this year I will go to Mallorca, a true climbers paradise so I’m really looking forward to that. I went climbing in Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and France. Climbing outdoors is the best! You really unplug from daily life when you’re climbing. You can only focus on your next move and controlling your fears.

Most of my colleagues know by now that I love cooking. Usually I combine ingredients or mix up recipes, I’m not really one to follow recipes. I like trying out new recipes that I got from my friends and make it my own. Since I’m a vegetarian I cook with vegetables mostly. Thai food is my favourite, and I like Italian and French food also. I don’t look like it, but I eat like a monster.

A more secret passion of mine is farming, I love working with plants. It would be great if I could volunteer at a farm and learn more about sustainable farming. I am really against plastic and care a lot about the environment. Learning more about environmental friendly vegetable cultivation is something I would love to spend time on.

The secret dream of Johana

That I love travelling is no secret, but a secret dream would be to quit everything one day and travel around the world with just a backpack. The adventure of having your life in a backpack and the freedom to go anywhere really appeals to me. I would like to go to Asia, but I would also like to discover more of Latin America. Learning about the history of the continent would help me to respect my roots even more and connect with it more deeply.

I think I would start my trip with volunteering at farms, I think that would be amazing. One day I will end up at a farm that does vegetable cultivation. I don’t know where, I’m not sure what my final destination will be. Right now I’m here and I’m happy here. I’m open for a new experiences. I have done it before when I left everything behind in Colombia to start a new life at the other side of the world. I know how amazing and difficult it is and I would like to do it again. Back then it was good to leave and not worry too much, right now I’m a bit more aware of the process but basically I would do the same thing if I would leave again to find a new adventure.

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