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People of PressPage: Eugene Storchevoy

A DevOps engineer who knows how to relax after a week of hard work

An experienced PHP developer turned DevOps engineer who is always eager to learn new things, that is our Eugene. He makes sure the foundation is secure, so the company can focus on being right on track with developments in the industry. He has an admirable travel bucket list, and a love for a sports we didn't know about yet!

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

My official role within the company is DevOps, but everybody here is doing a bit more than mentioned in their official position. I’m no different. I’m taking care of the infrastructure, I’m trying to help the developers to implement their ideas, I take care of the environment in terms of architecture and design of applications. It’s difficult to explain what I do when you can’t see it. It’s not like the work the frontend team is doing, which you can actually see. When all systems are working, all is fine. But when there’s downtime, all eyes are on me.

For about ten years I worked as a PHP developer. I switched to DevOps because I think it is interesting to extend my knowledge. Cloud infrastructure has been a big thing for a few years now, as a web developer you are working with these systems everyday. I was interested to see what the base of these systems is. I have had different positions, I was a CTO in a small start-up in the Ukraine for example. I have had different and interesting experiences in several companies, both in the Ukraine and the Netherlands. I studied Information Technology, Automation of Dynamic Objects and Systems at the National Technical University of Ukraine.

In my job it’s important to always be hungry for new things. The developments in the industry are not stopping, there is always something new coming. As long as you are in a flow of learning new things, it is easy to implement new things. Also, you don’t have to implement everything yourself when you know what’s new, you can just use it. All the big companies are switching to cloud because they don’t want to do all the work themselves. My role to help the company to focus more on the product and not on infrastructure. I make sure the base is set, so we don’t have to worry about that.

Three things you didn’t know about Eugene

I enjoy travelling a lot. Switching environments helps me relax. During my travels I like to try out local cuisines. You find some real culture when you go to a local bar or restaurant and try out the local menu, talk to the local people. I usually don’t go to the big cities, but rather go to smaller and old cities that are not too touristic. I’m trying to avoid the crowds.

I really like driving cars. When I drive, I can relax. When I was still living in the Ukraine, I would try to do the housework and groceries on Saturday, so on Sunday I could just take my car and go to a neighbor city. I like to find a nice cafe or landscape view and enjoy my day.

When I was a kid, I played volleyball. In the local competition in Kiev, we came in second. I played for two years, then I had to quit. During a checkup at the doctor’s I was advised to stop playing. It was a lot of fun. The most fun time was during summer when we went outside of sportshall and go to the beach instead. The sand, the river, playing volleyball on the beach, go swimming. It was a lot of fun, the most fun I had when playing volleyball!

The secret dream of Eugene

A dream would be to visit all capitals of Europe. It’s a big list of cities, but it’s quite easy to go to most of them. Almost all capitals have airports. When I have visited the capital, it will give me an idea of what the country is like and is I would like to visit again to see more. It’s not always a great introduction to the country, some capitals have little resemblance to the rest of the country. But it gives an idea of what the country is about. I would love to see more of the world, so perhaps when I have visited all European capitals, I will try to visit all capitals in the States or try another continent. I went to ten or twelve European capitals already. I have been to Italy and Spain multiple times, but have not visited their capitals yet. I have to tick those off. Another dream is to buy a lovely house next to the sea, in Spain for example. A nice holiday house would be amazing to have.

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