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People of PressPage: Christa Hemelaar

Our sporty Marketing Manager with a passion for technology

Our Marketing Manager Christa is passionate about marketing and technology. Her organized and orderly way of doing things makes it easy to collaborate with her. She is a driven professional with serious ping pong skills, but that should be no surprise when you know more about her sporty background!

Could you describe briefly what your role is within PressPage?

At PressPage, I am the Marketing Manager. I am responsible for setting up the marketing strategy, which means: thinking about the campaigns we are going to execute, how we are going to stand out in the media, organise our yearly event, how to generate more leads, and support sales. Due to my love for technology, I am also involved in improving the use of systems and tools such as Salesforce and Pardot. Next to that I work on online advertising, and creating our own marketing materials such as the website, videos, leaflets, ebooks and so on. Recently, I went to Manchester to record a reference video. Together with our freelance cameraman, I interviewed the News & Media Relations Manager at the University of Manchester. It is so much fun to talk to our clients directly and create an amazing video of their success stories.

At Hogeschool Amsterdam, I studied Advertising, Marketing & Communication Management. After three very different internships, I still didn’t know what to pursue, so I did a Master in Marketing Communications at Universiteit Twente. After I finished my Master’s degree, I started working as an online marketer at a software company. I was responsible for setting up the online marketing strategy, including the new website and implementing a social media strategy. I also did some other projects, including the implementation of a new internal communication platform and starting out with marketing automation. The communication platform landed me the title of employee of the year. After four years it was time to move on, so I started as a projectmanager at a B2B marketing agency. I did marketing automation, campaigns, project management of new websites and content, projects creating buyer personas and more. And I organized the B2B Marketing Forum for two years.

For a marketing professional it is important to be aware of new developments – nowadays using tools the right way is key to staying on top. You should also be able to take a step back to review the strategy and to see how your efforts are supporting that. It is also very important to have an understanding of the market and customers, because you work for them! Creating buyer personas gives a lot of insight and support and we find them very helpful internally.

Three things you didn’t know about Christa

I am a real ‘sucker’ for branding and advertising. When I look around in a shop, my attention is immediately drawn by the product with the best design...although it might be something that I don’t really need. Sometimes I may even buy it, just because I like the package or the branding.

Since I was 6, I have been playing tennis. This is over 25 years and I’m very passionate about it. I practice two or three times a week. I can use my tennis skills in the ping pong matches we have at the office regularly, so that’s a big plus. Due to my love for the sport, I joined two teams during the Spring league for two consecutive years. It was great to see that in one year I won with both teams. It was quite intense to play 5 matches and be on the tennis court the whole weekend, next to my full time job, but it was definitely worth it.

I remember song lyrics, song titles and artists very well. I store a lot of information about music without realizing it. I can sing along to so many songs, including songs I don’t even like! I really love music, so it makes sense to remember a lot of information about songs. I think I will be a nice addition to a team doing pub quizzes.

The secret dream of Christa

Perhaps it is not really a secret dream, but I would love to go to a Grand Slam tournament. Wimbledon is a favorite, although I would not mind going to the US Open or Australian Open either. I would love to visit Australia and New Zealand, so that would make a great combo. I have a huge passion for sports, especially tennis. I like trying out new things and I’m eager to learn, which also shows in my sports activities. I tried out some different sports and I love going on winter sport vacations rather than summer vacations. Snowboarding all day and be so tired at night that I could trip over a snowflake – I love it. CrossFit is something I would like to try also. To compete at a high level doing CrossFit is quite a challenging thing to do, in my opinion. Secretly I would love to see if I am able to reach that level.


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